Outer Work

A community care club + creative ecosystem dedicated to uplifting BIPOC lives and visions

Do your part better™

Outer Work is a community care club where you can do your part better.™ We support the visions of BIPOC creatives and community organizers and create intimate and impactful opportunities for non-BIPOC to learn, reflect, and take direct action in support of said BIPOC visions as a solutions-based approach to oppression. 

We're here to prove that community care work can be sustainable, impactful AND joyful –  join us today.

We Offer Two Memberships:

For BIPOC Visionaries (free) – For folx who are building either a creative enterprise or a community-based initiative and who need resources to see their visions come to life. Participate in our anti-racist learning, reflection, and actions AND use our Community Care Exchange to find funds, skills, and time-based resources you need to bring your visions to life.

For Non-BIPOC Supporters (paid) – For folx looking for curated opportunities to continue their anti-racist learning, reflection, and direct action. Receive guidance on how to practice anti-racism and community care, participate in reflective book +  film clubs, receive compassionate advice in our Forums, and take direct action in support of BIPOC visions + lives through our Community Care Exchange. (Also open to well-resourced BIPOC folx). 

Why Join

Outer Work is for you if you believe in the value of being anti-racist, want to actually DO something about it, and enjoy yourself in the process. 

It's time to take your activism off Instagram and out of  your head. It's time to learn + reflect with thoughtful people who GET IT in a space that more than one member has called “the best comments section on the internet.” It's time to pool our resources, resource BIPOC visions, have some fun with community care, and make shit happen!

What to Expect

When you join, you'll be  walked through all the steps necessary to becoming a  member of the space – no guess work, no confusion. Based on our Learn-Reflect-Act model for embodied community care, here's what you can expect to experience during your time in the space:

Education – You’ll gain access to our ever-growing archive of lessons on how to practice anti-racism in your mind, your social circle, and across all aspects of life from Healthcare to Tech to Beauty + Fashion.

Reflection – Opportunities to lead + join small-group circles centered around consciousness-raising books, films, podcasts, articles, or art that will compassionately encourage and support your understanding of yourself in relationship to race, racism, and white supremacy.

Action – Our Community Care Exchangis an initiative that encourages our BIPOC Visionaries to submit mutual aid requests – for funds, skills, or time – and non-BIPOC Supporters to respond. Our Exchange gives BIPOC members the chance to turn their visions into realities and our non-BIPOC members the opportunity to use their excess resources to take direct action in support of said visions.

What We Believe In

Compassion is our North Star: There's a reason we're called "the best comments section on the internet": We believe that you can't know what you haven't been taught and no one should be punished for that. All we ask is that you show up and be willing to learn.

Anti-racism can be a sustainable practice. That's why we focus on solutions and never outrage:  We believe focusing on the problems is only helpful until you  can identify a solution. Then, our attention must shift to DOING and doing must always be sustainable – aka impactful AND enjoyable.

Living Liberation is possible today. Our work focuses on helping people live in right relationship with themselves and with one another so that we can live liberation individually and interpersonally every day. Liberation, after all, can't exist in the future if it doesn't exist first in the present moment.

Who Runs This?

Hey, I'm Lenéa Sims – a spiritual guide, sociologist, community builder, Black woman, and the founder of Outer Work. I'm using my privileges – light-skinned, institutionally educated, and a  lifelong proximity to whiteness – to uplift the visions of BIPOC folx and to educate + inspire non-BIPOC folx to become anti-racist for the long-haul. 

I believe that community care is the solution to oppression and that, to see any change in our world, we all need to develop a deeper understanding of oppression, critically reflect upon our contributions to it, and find + practice our unique community care superpowers. My goal is to guide others to do just that.

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