Outer Work

We're a community care club for creatives seeking collective liberation.

Outer Work is an online community care club dedicated to helping people create sustainable and joyful commitments to the movement for racial equity.

For co-conspirators, we offer opportunities to learn about injustice, to reflect upon the ways in which we uphold oppression in every day  life, and to take action in support of BIPOC visions for a better future. For these BIPOC Visionaries, we offer mentorship, support, and resources to get their social change initiatives off the ground and thriving. 

We're on a mission to help you do your part, joyfully™ – Join us 🌸

What we do

LEARN what it means to cultivate a sustainable +  joyful community care practice with community builder and founder of Outer Work, Lenéa Sims. Lenéa shares musings, prompts, and ideas for action to inspire your commitment to your community care practice – on a platform that isn’t Instagram 🙃

REFLECT – Finally: a community of like-minded change-seekers – people who care about people (not politics), who want to change the world but also take care of themselves while doing it. Connect with your people in the comments, in Circles, at workshops, and even via chat in our private members-only network.

TAKE ACTION – No more wondering which mutual aid requests to reply to or feeling guilty for scrolling past them. We offer a once weekly Community Care Exchange where you can check-in and easily respond to requests for resources (funds, skills,  connections, time) from our communities of BIPOC Visionaries who are making on-the-ground change.

All plans offer the same benefits – simply choose a rate that feels accessible to you :)